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A nice design is only half the battle, Too many times have we seen beautifully created websites that can’t be found on Google or other search engines. By targetting local geography and search terms with higher traffic & conversions we have effectively generated revenues for ourselves and our clients. Effective Search Engine Optimisation, both onsite and offsite, should be an ongoing process, with a plan for each stage of the SEO process which often starts at launching new websites & brands or improving existing sites visibility.
We may not agree to offer you SEO if we feel it’s not right for our business given there are only 2 of us at the moment, some clients expect results in too short a timescale. If you achieve Google page 1 for popular terms it will pay off for many years, although we have achieved some amazing results in timescales that often surprise even ourselves, looking at the bigger picture is really important. Clyde Coast Design has experience in all the stages of the SEO services process from indexing a site, cleaning up what’s already online, local SEO strategy, local dominance and targetting keywords with higher conversions. We always aim to drive your business as high as it can in the searching ranks for as many keywords as possible monitoring your website’s progress the whole time which we will showcase in monthly reports. Due to our size and the fact we are still growing as a Web Design & SEO company in and around Glasgow & the west of Scotland our prices are very competitive. We hope to establish our company first in the Scottish SEO industry before even considering any price increases.

Increase Traffic & Conversions – Search Engine Optimisation In Scotland

Naturally, more traffic means more leads and sales. However, it’s counterproductive and a terrible waste of time & money to simply increase traffic to a website that doesn’t look good enough. The best approach is to increase traffic, content relevance, quality of design and functionality making sure your site is both search engine & user-friendly.

(PPC) Google & Bing AdWords Optimisation & Management in Scotland

Clyde Coast Design effectively manage and optimise Google and Bing Ads more commonly known as Pay-Per-Click advertising. If set up correctly by professionals Google Ads can provide quick results in terms of traffic and sales. Once we achieve Google page 1 for your business using SEO for numerous keywords and different areas in Scotland, we still recommend you run Google Ads to further increase your chances of being chosen.

PPC is not an alternative to SEO services, we advise using both organic results and PPC to build more trust with people looking for your type of business and improve the volume of conversions. Allowing SEO & Google & Bing Ads to complement each other provides optimum results especially if you have pages appearing in areas you are not physically based in. Google & Bing Ads are what they are; a fast, effective way to appear on the search engines, however only a semi-effective way to produce profit, anyone who thinks they can rely on Google Adwords alone is either very lucky or living in a false economy.

Glasgow SEO Google Page 1 Examples

We have dozens of Glasgow page 1 results to showcase that we have produced in the short time we have been trading, here’s a list of some the websites and the main search terms they appear in Glasgow for; – 1st on Google page one for Trust Deeds Glasgow (also page 1 for Edinburgh). – 1st on Google for Wall Coating Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland and every other town and city in Scotland. – 1st on Google page one for Electric Heating Glasgow (and many more). – Page 1 of Google for Tax Returns, Self Assessments, Payroll & Bookkeepers Glasgow. Accountants Glasgow West End, and dozens of towns in the west of Scotland. – Page 1 on Google for various Roofing and Solar Panel terms in Glasgow, Bishopbriggs & Kirkintilloch. – Page 1 of Google for FREE Loft Insulation, FREE Cavity Wall Insulation, FREE Oil Boilers, Free Boilers Glasgow. – Page 1 of Google for New / Used / Second hard, Refurbished Mobility Equipment & Scooters Glasgow. – Page 1 of Google for various Burglar Alarms and CCTV search terms in Glasgow. – Page 1 of Google for SEO Services & SEO Company Glasgow.

*Plenty more examples available*

Using Google Ads, Local SEO & Social Media Together

Simply put WOAW! If your business can effectively marry social media, SEO and Google Ads together the results are incredible. Personally, I get very frustrated when smaller companies say “we get all of our work from Facebook” then I remind myself this is why they are small. I recently had an invitation for a webinar hosted by Wordstream which was specifically about pairing AdWords & Facebook together. As someone who is always looking to learn I “attended” and between all the waffle and jargon it further cemented my strong belief… no, let me rephrase that my certainty of how effective this can be for providing solid business leads. I was around 19 working for the Yellow Pages and even then this concept was around, “use a mixture of directional and creative advertising” they would tell me to say!

In 2018, this is still effective, it is only the platforms that have changed. The Yellow Pages is now SEO and Google & Bing Ads for when people are looking for your business and Facebook and other platforms have all but replaced the radio, television and the likes for creative advertising where you aim to pro-actively engage your audience.

Google SEO Site Penalties

At any time Google can penalise your site, any recovery work is all down to what scale the penalty is on, identifying why it’s happened, and then getting to work on resolving it. Wither it’s backlinks you need to disavow, copied content or any other punishment for using a huge list of various tricks of the SEO trade. Our design and SEO work only really flirts with keywords stuffing in terms of risk, however, we keep an eye on the % of keywords in the word count, with penalties for keywords stuffing being really easy to recover by simply changing your content! This is great, life is stressful enough, managing nearly 40 websites, ongoing SEO, managing Google Ads & social media in-house and dealing with customers takes up a large percentage of our time. Thankfully living life in constant fear of Google penalties is not something we spend too much time concerning ourselves with.

I see a lot of “fear of loss” and other methods used when proposing SEO, I don’t like to talk about Google penalties too much as I am not an expert in the area and will only trip myself up. I do however live in the real world and Google penalties can and will happen. Even though our SEO methods are low risk, if a penalty occurred that we could not fix on our own we would likely outsource to a Google penalty SEO specialist.

The SEO industry is not all about coming first on Google, there are various types of SEO including reputation and PR which involves removing bad press about your business online, also known as “negative SEO”. Then there are people who specialise in Google penalties and blog about this on a regular basis, who would know better than them?

That’s why the SEO industry really excites us, every SEO consultant is a specialist in their chosen area, not just the overall subject of SEO, except some really gifted individuals and large companies who have a wealth of experience, and who command a high fee and rightfully so.

Clyde Coast Design focus on what we are good at, local SEO and we use mainly low-risk techniques, one of the best and more basic tools we use is SERPLABS (now SERPROBOT) this is the best place to watch our client’s (SERP’s) search engine results page ensuring we can quickly monitor progress or any dips in performance.

Local citations & Google “Map Pack” results in Scotland

Having your business cited accurately on business directories, geographical and industry-specific websites with completed optimised profiles with links to your website and your contact information will improve your local SEO. Business citations are an important part of local SEO, lots of the higher domain authority sites like Yell, Yelp, Free Index and can also rank on some local searches and provide a little more exposure. Identifying the sites that rank well on page 1 in your industry and geographical area is important as we can then use different content on these platforms and effectively use both the traffic from the websites as well as the improved rankings they provide for your own website on page 1 of Google in your local area.

Wither they provide traffic or not citations are a basic fundamental for any website, Clyde Coast Design includes local citations as part of our web design and local SEO packages. We will list your business on various websites including industry/niche specific sites, geographical related sites, and sites that perform well on the search engines.

Things to consider when hiring a Glasgow, Edinburgh or Scottish SEO Company

Like most competent Digital Marketing companies we know, we warn of people who promise page 1 of Google who can’t show you some proof of doing so in competitive industries, we know and can prove that we can rank local sites in Scotland regardless of the business niche it’s that simple.

When you are approached by SEO companies, first of all, ask for their portfolio and we also suggest you consider the balance between some agencies that have extreme preparation and planning times and an SEO company like ourselves who roll up our sleeves and get to work. We begin writing new content and quality building links immediately after we have agreed on a plan with our clients.

To be more specific about what to look out for when considering hiring an SEO / Digital Marketing Company, the term “don’t trust page 1 promises” is 100% accurate mainly due to some of the people offering the promises. Clearly, some companies like ourselves can provide page 1 results, I’d lean more towards companies who don’t set realistic timescales of when they hope to achieve page 1, any SEO company offering results in a short space of time in competitive industries I suggest you run!

Our customers tell us about some of the annoying sales calls they get, and although I make them myself at least I look my clients in the eye and have my own companies reputation to consider before making any wild promises!

“Accountants Glasgow” is a perfect example of an extremely difficult local SEO term, any competent SEO consultant or company would agree with this. This type of keyword should 100% have detailed discussions and a 6-9 months plan for achieving it. It’s all about being able to identify the difficulty of the industry, including how competitive it is, the age of the domains on page 1 and other factors.

Please remember, it’s local search engine optimisation in your chosen industry, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel nor dare I say offer anything superior to the amazing service you can get amongst some of the fantastic SEO agencies in Glasgow & Scotland.

Online reviews; Effects on local SEO & Google my business (the map pack)

We are big on reviews, they help improve your visibility locally both in the natural results and on your Google my business profile (also known as the map pack). We recommend that you spread your reviews between trusted sources such as Google my business, Facebook, Yell, Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor and other niche specific websites and directories. If you are a new business or yet to launch there are other quick wins we can consult on. There is the option to focus on keywords as part of your business name, domain name and your Google my business profile. It could be considered moderately controversial we would only advise such a practice in certain circumstances (some really successful examples available) after assessing any risk and discussing with our clients in detail.

There are some ridiculous examples online of people writing dozens! Yes, dozens! Of keywords in their business names and Google my business profiles. It’s all about balance, people are not stupid and if it’s easy to see at a glance you are trying to fool them it can easily backfire.

There have been changes in 2018 to Google my business that allow you to add a business description, services, make posts showing your latest offers and news, it has yet to be seen the effect these changes have on appearing in the map pack. We leave nothing to chance, and you better believe your competitors and the SEO company or consultant they have hired will be making the most of these new features!

Our own reviews process is to ask for reviews on work completed once your site has been developed & up and running for at least 3 or 4 months. Human nature dictates that giving praise too soon can make people take their eye off the ball. Again, it’s all about balance, we work with our clients to ensure they have effective methods when asking their customers for reviews, which includes not asking prematurely. We work extremely hard for our customer reviews and they allow a fair assessment of our business from people who have spent their own hard earned cash with Clyde Coast Design.
We are well aware of the risks of being so transparent, including competitors leaving shady reviews, but the cream always rises to the top over a longer period of time, we have nothing to hide! That being said we completely understand if you do not which to follow our example.

Some of our customers in smaller towns or cities in Scotland have left us reviews early and that’s fine, however, our SEO process and more clinically our SEO results in difficult industries are what a review Clyde Coast Design should be judged!

Social Media Signals & Social Media Traffic

We are not a social media agency, we set up social media with fully optimised profiles that are rich in information and will manage your social media on a small scale.

We don’t have the time or knowledge to properly consult on social media and there are experts out there who can use tools and bots on the likes of Facebook & LinkedIn, this includes the likes of content scrapers and other handy tools. Creating engaging posts and boosting them to target audiences which, to be honest, most teenagers can likely do these days. Ask yourself, what does the term “social media expert” even mean?

Social signals, traffic & followers help your websites perform on the search engines this is the main thing we concern ourselves with for now. We are perhaps underselling ourselves a little as we have had some amazing wins from social media but we consider this to be part of an overall digital marketing strategy rather than a specific social media one.

On-going Local SEO Services in Glasgow & across Scotland

After we achieve results in local geographical locations we can move towards some other more advanced types of SEO work.

For example, we can focus on ‘end of transaction terms’ with higher conversions that include cost(s), price(s), quote(s) Web Design Edinburgh Prices, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Scotland. Some people might suggest they are still price shopping, however, considering costs is enough to suggest they have taken other stages of the buying process into consideration… We have only recently created this page and it’s ranking first on page 1, time will tell if it’s a vanity spot or something that will produce new customers. The traffic is reasonable, the person searching (other than competitors) is likely ready to spend and it’s an auto-fill term on Google which will further increase traffic especially from a mobile phone.

The end goal is to rank your business in as many key Google positions that people in Scotland search for and not just some ‘vanity search terms’ to show your mates! Profitable, high impact positions on Google are the objective otherwise what’s the point?

We wouldn’t class ourselves as SEO experts yet! However, we can confidently say we have a method for local SEO that’s effective in delivering sales and new customers.

Gary Docherty

Would like to thank John and Chris for the excellent work on the website fantastic work guys and really good people to work with very friendly good to get on with and has your company totally at heart when fulfilling the website can’t thank use enough guys from day one the effort and constant work rate to get this finished and the detail and time that has went into it we are very happy customers and can’t thank u guys enough anything looking for a website and help with the know how and understanding if it all then John and Chris the people fro you very personal guys who take what they do very seriously and no sales pitch here just results thanks from everyone at the lock doc 24HR ltd

5* Facebook Review

David Milne

Can’t thank this company enough they have been amazing from the start taking time to understand what I want for my business plus sales have trebled since working with John and Chris thanks so much and keep up the good work…

5* Google Review (Clydebank)

Gary Kelly

John was top quality in customer service feed back kept me in the loop the whole time gave me suggestions and took my suggestion on board. Took my website to a level i never thought possible. Would always highly recommend and work with him in the future.

Gary Kelly

Christina O’Donnell

An absolutely fabulous website. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result and the timescales it was completed in. Great sound advice received along the way too. Very highly recommended xx

5* Facebook Review

Italo Medinelli

Clyde Coast Design gave me the site I wanted and already on page 1 of google locally. Will be looking to expand to other areas once I am ready. Great to work with.

5* Google Review

Barry Tunstead

I only worked 1 month with Clyde Coast Design, I found them friendly and effective. My website went from page 9 to page 1 search in Google, very impressed and highly recommended.

5* Google Review (Clydebank)

Edward Gall

Amazing results page 1 in one week amazing value for money look no further than these guys thanks very much for my site over the moon with it … Caledonian autosalvage

5* Google Review

Paul Cottrell

Chris got in touch over a Facebook Group for WordPress and helped me out with some things I was stuck with, great communicator and really helpful. Would recommend.

5* Facebook Review
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Vanya Tunstead

Had a great sevice, lots of communication and I was kept updated

5* Facebook Review

Steven Waddell

Amazing! These guys have been really involved and always trying to help push for more sales for my business, always letting me know of improvements to my website, now appearing page 1 on Google all over Scotland and the phone rings everday from new customers who find me online, huge thank you highly recommended

5* Google Review

Kalvinder Singh

Great team, good to work with, and fantastic results. Well done

5* Google Review

Fraser Grant

John is a wizard @ SEO my website was just podding along not doing very much then BOOM John added his magic & some rocket fuel within weeks the emails & phone calls were flooding in. Fantastic bloke always keeping me informed & explaining what’s happening will definitely use again & again.

Fraser Grant

Susan McKinnon

Amazing job, patient and informative every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better team to have carried out the work. Would highly recommend John and Chris.

5* Facebook Review

Elaine Williamson

John and Chris are effective, efficient and driven to get you results. We needed our website up dated as social media moves so fast its not always easy to keep pace with whats developing. They helped me to get to grips with SEO showing us how they can improve our presence and get our message out there. Recycle Mobility Centre would highly recommend Clyde Coast Design

5* Google Review

Andrew Nelson

Thank you for your excellent SEO marketing skills en route to page 1 on Google

5* Google Review

Pat Dobie

John and Chris were fantastic, patient and understanding as I set up my Sports Massage business, guiding me through what was needed in the Social Media world to help make my business successful and always very responsive to my enquiries. A great service which I highly recommend.

5* Facebook Review

Allan Gault

Thanks to the guys at clyde coast design .Set up my new website in no time ,Looks great and getting loads of new calls and customers every week .Cant thank the guys enough

5* Facebook Review

James Wright

If you are a new business unsure of SEO, PPC or anything online based you have to give these guys a call. My industry is notoriously difficult to compete in within 3 weeks I found my company on page 1 in amongst companies worth millions. If you are serious about being found they can do it.

5* Review

Pandora Taylor-Cheal

John really knows his stuff about local SEO – a must for all companies wanting to compete locally. Highly recommend!

5* Facebook Review

Christy Hyslop

WOW! Actually can’t thank John and Chris enough. I contacted them only a few weeks ago and they have achieved so much for me already. I needed help with SEO, I find it confusing and really time consuming (and a little bit boring) so far they have managed to get my website on the first page of google!
If you need work done to your site I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough, they are very efficient, knowledgeable and professional!
My only regret is that I didn’t contact them two years ago!! Keep up the great work…

5* Facebook Review

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