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Clyde Coast Design started in September 2017. We are based in Greenock, Inverclyde and predominantly work with businesses in the West of Scotland around Ayrshire, Greenock, Glasgow, Greater Glasgow, Paisley and surrounding areas, however being a Digital business we have worked with people all over Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We provide professional Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Management and Digital Marketing including Google & Bing AdWords campaigns all fully managed for your business. If you want to work with a dedicated team of Web Designers who will deliver on their promise & truly care about your business then Call Now or Click For A Consultation

All of our customers are fully looked after before, during and after their Digital Marketing projects and we have had nothing but positive reviews since we started in September with plenty of word of mouth business, we plan to maintain these high standards using the old cliche “only as good as your last job” to keep us on our toes. We are only ever a call, text, Whatsapp, Facebook message or email away, providing a personal touch many website designers and website design agencies lack.

Clyde Coast Design’s approach is honest and transparent both in terms of price and showing you EXACTLY what’s being done for your business with the money you spend. With experience working for other Website Design, SEO agencies & large national companies who provide web design, we have seen first-hand people in the industry who overcharge, overcomplicate, underdeliver and more or less prey upon the often unknown world of Digital Marketing. We didn’t like this one bit and this was the main reason we started Clyde Coast Design to help local businesses in Greenock, Ayrshire, Paisley, Glasgow, Greater Glasgow and across Scotland. We want to make website design, SEO & the digital world easier to understand, educating our customers about how the process works, what works well and why, as well as providing results!

On that note here are some of the key aspects Clyde Coast Design recommend for successful website design, search engine optimisation & digital marketing in 2018:

Fresh Modern Websites

Loading Speed

Websites Fully Optimised For Mobile Devices

Active Social Media Setup & Presence

Original, Rich Blog Content

Links From Other Websites & Business Directories

100% Accurate NAP’s & Citations (Business Listings)

Building Online Reviews

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing(Pay Per Click)

We have listed each subject below in more detail. We have kept it transparent & easy enough to understand. Clyde Coast Design know what works and we are happy to share that knowledge with you.


Fresh Modern Web Design

Clearly Explain What Your Business Does To Your Customers On Their First Look

This is basic marketing! Just because its online doesn’t change the way people behave. Just like a print advert or a store front your website has to be clear about the main product(s) or service(s) your business provides. Have your phone number, address, email & how to buy from you nice and clear!

In the world we live in today people generally don’t read your website from head to toe, they want to know you provide what they need, see examples of your quality and then simply buy or get in touch as quickly possible.


Here’s some other examples of our web design work:

Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Services Pet & Dog Groomers who also provide Animal Reiki based in Port Glasgow, Inverclyde – https://pawsitivelypurrfectps.co.uk/

Finacial Revival from Glasgow providing Debt Advice & Scottish Protected Trust Deed advice across Scotland – http://financial-revival.co.uk/

More Efficient Ltd from Glasgow providing Free Oil Boilers & Free Insulation in Scotland – https://moreefficientltd.com/

Altec Motors Ltd from Greenock a local MOT Testing Station & Car Repair Garage – https://altecmotors.com/

Be Breem Beauty in Greenock offering all type’s of Beauty Treatments at their Greenock based beauty salon – https://be-reembeauty.com/

Caledonia Companion Dogs in Greenock offering Dog Training & Dog Behaviour Modficiation across Scotland and the UK – https://cc-dogs.co.uk/

Pat Dobie Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy in Gourock offering Mobile Sports & Deep Tissue Massage in Gourock servicing the whole west coast of Scotland – http://patdobiesportsmassage.com/

The Lock Doc 24Hr Ltd clearly showing their service offerings and contact details.

Local Greenock & Dunoon Locksmiths Website We Designed https://thelock-doc.co.uk/

Fresh Design Optimised For Mobile Devices

A great example of responsive web design created for Financial Revival Who Offer Debt Advice In Glasgow & across Scotland.


Over 61% of searches are now mobile

(statistic taken from www.smartinsights.com)

This is the most recent marketing statistic however in our experience this is actually above 70%. We use Google Analytics to track exactly what volume of traffic is coming in to site, which keywords people are searching for, what devices they are using and what geography people are coming from to find our customers websites. We also manage Google & Bing AdWords both for our own website and for our customers which also breaks down the number of people searching using desktops, laptops, tablets & mobiles. Google & Bing ads further validate this stat both showing mobile traffic to be over 70% as well.



Active Social Media Setup

Hopefully we don’t need to explain the power of Social Media! Most of people use it everyday, it’s here to stay love it or hate it, you need to use it to keep up with your competition & appear where your customers & potential customers are spending their time. On the other hand, we always recommend don’t just set up every type of social media to try and create more awareness. Think about what you can actively manage and what types of social media your customers will likely use.

Social Media should compliment your Website, first of all you can drive traffic to one from the other. If your website is well known and people then see you on social media they are more likely to engage with your business, what’s even more likely is that if you have a strong social media presence, you build your brand online often it’s subliminal. This means when someone is ready to buy and searches for your type of business on Google or Bing, it’s likely they will recognise your business from your social media activity and choose your website over your competitors.

The main players in Social Media for businesses are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ (more for website performance) & Pinterest.

We offer full Social Media Management for when you don't have the time or full expertise to get the best results

Links From Other Websites

Business Listings On Business Directories (known as Citations & NAPs)

Google & Bing look at how popular your website based on links from other websites. Link building should be done gradually so it looks natural to the search engines and you’re not just spamming out links to your website. All website links are different in terms of quality some business directory no one has ever heard of like Brownbook and say a link from a government website, the BBC’s website or yell.com will have a massive difference in terms of building credibility and improving your website search engine optimisation.


Other companies like Yell charge £360 + VAT per year for entry level link building – CLYDE COAST DESIGN WILL INCLUDE THIS IN YOUR PROJECT

Here’s some examples of Website links from directories you most likely won’t know unless you have worked in Digital Marketing. Links are generally split into two categories what’s known as “Do Follow Links” and “No Follow Links” which either help build your website and online brand or help improve website SEO:

Website Do Follow Link for SEO – http://www.scotweb.com/business-directory/clyde-coast-design/

Website No Follow Link – https://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(clyde-coast-design)_741895.htm

Although Do Follow links have a better effect on your website’s SEO getting a nice mix of both is essential.

Original Website Content

This is so important – too many websites simply haven’t had the hard graft put in.

Take a moment…

imagine someone comes to you and asks you to write 12 pages with an average of 800 words per page about something you know very little or nothing about.

Now imagine trying to keep this interesting and non-repetitive.

Well that’s whats involved when writing original content for a website, It’s crucial for Search Engine Optimisation – especially in 2017. There are many people who offer SEO both agencies and consultants who believe keywords are close to dead and following Google’s guidelines by the letter about writing content all for the end user is the way to go. Then we have keyword stuffing which some sites still rank well with but it doesn’t look particularly great which can affect conversion. My personal favourite is when I read the “experts” saying  “word count doesn’t matter, write for the user” on their 4000 word blog slightly hypocritical….

Most blogs tend to ignore the question on word count, we find a good rule of thumb is to check what competitor websites have who are ranking well on Google and at least match the average from those sites, why take the chance, simple!

In the past people where able to spam keywords for page 1 Google results for example:

“Website Design Ayrshire”

“Website Design Glasgow”

“Website Design Greater Glasgow”

“Website Design Greenock”

“Website Design Paisley”

“Website Design Scotland”

You have probably all seen examples like this especially in years gone by. Well we are pleased theose day’s are gone, it really made for some terrible content and certainly makes a web designers job a little boring (see what we did there?). The art of writing rich, original content and placing in keywords naturally works far better for search engine optimisation in 2017. I personally still believe the keyword percentage recommended for many years by software such as Yoast SEO of around 3% works well.


Online Reviews

Online Reviews are huge!

They build trust with people who are considering buying from you. Search engines also recognise them and they are a huge part of Website Search Engine Optimisation for 2017 especially reviews left on Google My Business.

Your business can never have enough good reviews. It’s also good practice to reply to all reviews showing both your customers and the search engine’s you’re a business who’s active online and communicates with their customers. When you are in business long enough you will have a bad review, you can get defensive (please don’t do this) OR you can turn this in your favour for some really good PR, showing how you can take a bad customer experience and . turn it into how excellent your customer service is in such an event. We suggest you investigate the legitimacy of  the review, find out exactly what happened, communicate with the customer and then turn it around so everyone is happy and your business looks even more professional. There are some businesses who do this really well, for example have you ever been to the Hardrock Cafe? They take negative feedback and turn it into being known for going the extra mile if something goes wrong. In our opinion they go a little to far this level of customer service for a local business is open to abuse, we suggest a happy medium.


Would like to thank John and Chris for the excellent work on the website fantastic work guys and really good people to work with very friendly good to get on with and has your company totally at heart when fulfilling the website can’t thank use enough guys from day one the effort and constant work rate to get this finished and the detail and time that has went into it we are very happy customers and can’t thank u guys enough anything looking for a website and help with the know how and understanding if it all then John and Chris the people fro you very personal guys who take what they do very seriously and no sales pitch here just results thanks from everyone at the lock doc 24HR ltd Gary Docherty

Business Owner, The Lock Doc Ltd

Search Engine Optimisaton (SEO)

This topic is so vast we have our own dedicated page for it – Click to view our SEO page

Where do we start? You have probably heard this term and there are different levels of understanding of the subject. A large part of it we have already listed above Rich, Original Content, Responsive Websites That Load Quickly, High Social Media Activity, Regular Website Updates, Video Content, Building Links From Other Websites (this is a subject in its own), The Age Of Your Domain Name, Reviews,Time, Wordcount, Competitor Analysis, Meta Tags, Keywords & Much more.

Although it’s not as difficult as some would have you believe website search engine optmisation (SEO) is constant hard work and the search engine’s rules often change to decide which website’s rank, however the sales results are incredible, how did you find this site? hopefully you have read this far.

If you didn’t already do so try typing into Google “Search Engine Optimisation Greenock” or “SEO Greenock” Clyde Coast Design are in a very strong position with a brand new website (SEO takes time). This will get much stronger, we can’t imagine trusting someone to work on website SEO who can’t get their own website to page 1 of Google….

Search Engine Marketing

More commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC), using Google & Bing AdWords. This is another vast topic which we will provide a section for in the near future.

PPC advertising works. Anyone who says otherwise has either used it themselves without the knowledge & expertise of how to use it effectively or they have relied on someone who hasn’t managed it correctly. It’s all about tracking results, looking at competitors who are using it effectively and using these methods as well as tracking your own results using reports so you can improve what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

One of the best ways to convert PPC website traffic is to create different adverts for the the different services you offer making each one more relevant to what the person searching for wants. You can also create more than one “landing page” which is like another mini website which can be more targetted towards a certain subject, geography or audience for higher conversion rates and more sales.

Google & Bing Adwords drive some of the best quality, well screened traffic to your website, if your design is strong the sales will come!

Clyde Coast Design also have connections in our network to local graphic designers & sign writing / vehicle wraps companies based in Greenock also covering the whole West of Scotland.

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