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DevonWebs Design & Hosting provides Clyde Coast Design with secure website hosting for many of our client’s websites, our own website and other lead generation and SEO projects which have specific performance demands.

As opposed to the one size (or server) fits all website hosting service available from other popular UK shared hosting providers and household names such as GoDaddy and SiteGrounds, DevonWebs provide us with a superior dedicated and custom-made WordPress hosting service.

Along with providing specific website hosting depending on the requirements of the project, Devon

DevonWebs provide us with valuable hosting insights to help improve new or existing websites SEO including speed optimisation, 100% secure content and other factors which improve performance for users and search engine’s alike.

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How DevonWebs Dedicated WordPress Hosting Solution Helps You Grow by Avoiding These 5 Common Mistakes

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Creating a user-friendly and well-designed website is essential to any successful business however while focusing on what the user sees we often overlook the behind the scenes factors such as hosting. Carefully choosing your hosting plan and package can prevent problems in the future and help keep your website running as fast as possible.


In this blog we’re going to explain the difference between the common types of WordPress packages and we will explore the problems you can avoid by choosing a dedicated WordPress package.

“Have been using devonwebs for a while now they have been able to really support me, they managed to migrate 100 domains over to them, configure and make my website fast, my entire online business has improved with this company, I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to make there business online”

Nick, UK Business Owner

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WordPress Hosting Packages


While browsing for the best package for your business, you will often encounter 5 different types of WordPress hosting packages:

Shared Hosting

This is generally the cheapest package you will encounter. Shared hosting means your website will be hosted alongside many others on the same server. While this is very cheap other websites can often have negative impacts on your own website’s performance.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS also uses similar shared hosting servers. However, each website has its own “isolated” area on the server which can increase performance over cheaper shared hosting.


Cloud Hosting

The Cloud Hosting industry has taken off in recent years. Cloud Hosting works but using several small servers and having them communicate with each other to act as one large server. Because of this, cloud hosting is very efficient at dealing with large influxes of traffic.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting are created with WordPress in mind. With a managed WordPress hosting plan your provider will normally help setup and maintain your site.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

A dedicated hosting server means that your website will be stored on one physical server. This means that no other websites will affect your site, so it should always run fast! However, these packages are often very expensive.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

DevonWebs Design & Hosting provide you with a dedicated WordPress Hosting service which works as a specialist high-performance alternative to these other more typical website hosting options.

DevonWebs Dedicated WordPress Hosting

To expand a little on the last option above, you can think of dedicated WordPress hosting as a hybrid between managed WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting servers. Like a dedicated server your website will be hosted on its own server and like managed WordPress hosting they are created with WordPress in mind meaning you will receive regular updates, backups and it will include WordPress support.


Any hosting company should be able to provide you with a suitable server for a WordPress website however, some offer more dedicated WordPress features which will better suited for the needs of your site. But there are 5 common problems that can easily be avoided when choosing a dedicated WordPress hosting solution. 

5 Common Problems You Can Avoid With Dedicated WordPress Hosting


1.     Security Threats


One of the main issues with shared hosting packages is the security of the system. While it’s less expensive to use shared hosting you are taking a risk by storing your site alongside many others.


Performance and security will often cause issues with shared hosting all stemming from other sites on the server. A dedicated server will put you in the driver’s seat. By keeping your site files up to date with the latest security patches your site will be secure. And with no one else’s site causing potential security threats, it’s one less thing to worry about!


One of the most popular features of dedicated WordPress hosting plans is the inclusion of automated WordPress updates. This means WordPress will auto-update in the background, so you always have the latest security updates installed. It is vital to keep your WordPress site, themes and plug-ins up to date to keep your site running and secure.


2.     Poor Website Performance


 No one likes a slow website. After all, first impressions go a long way. Using a shared server means that there will be several other sites competing for space on that server. With several sites all running and being accessed at many times it’s likely to slow your site down.


A slow website is less likely to be successful with users often getting frustrated and looking elsewhere instead of waiting for the site to load. With a dedicated server, you know your website will always perform as best as possible because all the servers resources are being used for your site.


There is also a chance that a site on the same shared server can have a massive influx in traffic. This can cause the server to overload which means it’s likely to shut down taking your site offline with it. With a dedicated server, this is far less likely to happen meaning users won’t get frustrated not being able to access your site.


3.     Difficult Restoration Process


We never want something to go wrong with a website but occasionally things do happen! Whether you’ve been on a receiving end from a malicious attack or you simply clicked a wrong button and deleted half your site you always want to try and get your site back online ASAP.


The best-case scenario is that you have a full backup of your site if the worst is to occur. Sometimes however it can take quite a while to fully restore your website.


Many dedicated WordPress hosting packages will include automated backups. This can make the process significantly quicker and means (fingers crossed!) that the version that’s been backed-up will be a very recent one.


It also means your website will be backed up in a different location to where your website is stored. This is smart as if something is to go wrong at the server facility your website will still be safe elsewhere and your work won’t be completely lost.


4.     Running Low on Room for your Website to Grow


Every business wants to grow their website to reach a broader audience. As time goes by your website will hopefully attract a loyal user base and continue expanding.


However, the bigger your site is the more space you will for your website pages and for your user’s accounts. While shared hosting can be good to get your business started the hardware will eventually struggle to keep up with your site’s traffic which will cause it to slow down and as discussed before a slow loading website is bad for keeping customers. With a shared server your website will be fighting for space with other websites. Compared to a dedicated website you’ll quickly run out of room to store your site.


With a dedicated server, you’ll have far more space for your site. You won’t be competing with anyone else for space on the server which means your website will be able to grow without slowing down.


5.     Lack of WordPress support


With any website, it’s possible for errors and WordPress can occasionally run into compatibility issues as the platform has many parts created by a very large community.


The majority of providers will offer you support. However, having a dedicated WordPress specific host means the host will have more knowledge and qualifications to help you with WordPress related queries and errors. This can help you fix any issues with your WordPress site much quicker than using standard hosting solutions.


Conclusion for a better WordPress hosting performance


Operating a WordPress site should be easy and efficient. As long as you don’t cut corners and have a plan that works for you can ensure your site stays safe and is operational to keep your users happy and save you from spending lots of time fixing errors and can help you save money.

Particularly, dedicated WordPress hosting can prevent:

  1. Security vulnerabilities
  2. Slow Websites
  3. Slow site recovery
  4. Running out of storage space
  5. Slow/no support

If you are interested in finding out more about what DevonWebs has to offer, visit their website at or call their dedicated support line on 01271 320963.




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